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Cédric Lajoie is Real Estate Specialist and Owner at Goterreno.


Train at the gym, Do kickboxing and Bickram yoga. I also love reading self personal development book and make it in practice. Also I am a pilot and I do have a plane. I love to travel and explore different culture.

Cédric Lajoie Biography

Born in 1988 and right from childhood he has faced tough situations in his personal and professional life; as a result he became more stronger and competitive person.

At the age of 16 he was out of the familial home and he started his first job as a packing boy in a grocery store. Journey from packing boy to biggest contractor for grocery and retail companies was not so far as Cédric got simultaneous opportunities; one contract after another.

In a short span of time Cédric Lajoie got enough popularity in the province of Québec and he was recognized as one among the best contractors for grocery and retail companies. He owned his first 4-plex at the age of 18 and then he never stopped. With the help of his multitasking capability and business management skills he managed to run multiple businesses simultaneously. He managed to buy multiple properties in a couple of years and then he made a big portfolio in the world of Real Estate with the help of his partner.

5 years later he decided to move in Gatineau, The nearest biggest city because of limited business opportunities at his native place. Cédric along with his partner did excellent business in this city and introduced new projects like Buying a property, doing required renovation and selling at decent profit.

Two years later, his girlfriend died in a car accident and he was away from his business for some time. He had to face another master stroke in business at the same time when his partner opted out and didn’t paid him back the actual profit they made together.

These hard earned lessons from his personal and professional life made if more hardworking and determined. He managed to find another partner in Abitibi and they both did good business together. Keeping the real time problems of most of people in front they introduced a rent-to-own program. Company experienced a massive growth once again is short time but they trapped into another issue, people who were not able to pay wasn't able to pay them either.

This turned up into a massive overhead to pay each month for all the loan and hence he decided to discontinue this program and decided to concentrate his efforts in the real part of real estate. LAND; a key skill he was specialized in.

Finally Cédric found Goterreno; A company specialized in identifying Land with a lot of potential. Once they locate such land, they get in touch with the owner, make a deal and bring you that opportunity on a silver plate.

Cédric Lajoie