About me

Cédric Lajoie Biography

Born in 1988 and right from childhood he has faced tough situations in his personal and professional life; as a result he became more stronger and competitive person.
At the age of 16 he was out of the familial home and he started his first job as a packing boy in a grocery store. Journey from packing boy to a large cleaning company for grocery and retail companies was not so far as Cédric got simultaneous opportunities one contract after another.

With the business he built, he bought his first apartment building at the age of 18 and then he never stopped. With the help of his multitasking capability and business management skills he managed to run multiple businesses simultaneously. He managed to buy multiple properties in a couple of years and then he made a big portfolio in the world of Real Estate.

With hard earned lessons from his personal and professional life, Cédric Lajoie is a hardworking and determined entrepreneur. He started several businesses such as the biggest company in the province of Québec in Rent-to-own, found a company specialised in the acquisition of land and is a public speaker.

Cédric Lajoie